THE BASICS History: Founded: 1973 Merged: 2012 Staff: Licensed Architects: Interior Design: Administration: Professional Design Services: - Architecture - Interiors - Visioning and Feasibility - Urban Design and Planning - Historic Preservation - Sustainability OUR PROCESS OUR MISSION To pursue the goals of our clients through holistic and thoughtful design.


At Walker Coen Lorentzen Architects, coordinated collaboration helps our clients realize their vision. Our project team delivers high-quality, creative solutions for every situation and scope. For more than 40 years, our architects have produced innovative and cost-effective solutions, consistent with our clients’ goals. Our projects are responsive to the environment and communities we serve. DEFINE: by attentively listening to our clients and stakeholders, we first seek to understand the goals and objects of the project. We work to clearly define and document the project's program, schedule, budget, site, and design considerations. RANK/RATE: We work with the client and stakeholders to assess and prioritize the goals and objects of the project. The goal of this exercise is to establish consensus amongst otherwise conflicting project criteria. IDEAS+: Only when the project requirements are sufficiently understood do we produce design solutions. By limiting the unknowns and identifying constraints, we develop ideas that respond to the unique realities of the project. VERIFY: Working with the project team, we rigorously test proposed solutions against the realities of the project. Through internal peer reviews, as well as consultation with construction and design industry professionals, we seek to determine the feasibility of the proposed solutions, making adjustments as required to keep the project "on track". EXECUTE: We work to clearly communicate and establish the project requirements. Further, we participate throughout the project delivery to ensure the results are consistent with established expectations.
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