Iowa Motor Truck Association


This project transformed a narrow, derelict strip of land at the foot of the Iowa State Capitol into a source of pride and a launch pad for an industry eager to demonstrate its impact on the state economy.


We designed a central court to frame a stunning view of the Capitol domes, suggesting synergy between the Association and the members of the Iowa Legislature. Comfortable offices, conferencing space, meeting and training facilities serve association members and outside groups, fulfilling a need for a headquarters with high visibility that allows for easy interactions with decision-makers.


The building reflects the vibrancy and strength of the trucking industry as well as its commitment to serving a wide range of valuable constituents.



Des Moines, Iowa


Walker Architects, P.C.





Iowa Motor Truck Association


3706 INGERSOLL AVE DES MOINES, IOWA 50312 | 515-279-8818

136 SOUTH DUBUQUE ST IOWA CITY, IOWA 52240 | 515-321-8017