Southern Meadows Homes


Located in the heart of Des Moines' south side, Southern Meadows Homes is an urban redevelopment project consisting of 38-unit row house units. The 4 acre site had become a neighborhood nuisance with several abandoned and hazardous buildings remaining on the property, including a former hospital dormitory and dilapidated gas stations which were determined to be beyond repair.


This affordable housing project is being developed as a ROSE program project under the Iowa Finance Authority. This program will provide financial and educational incentives to the occupants which will ultimately allow them to purchase their unit or another home in the future with a greater understanding of the responsibilities that accompany home ownership.



Des Moines, Iowa


Walker Coen Lorentzen Architects



Southern Meadows Homes


3706 INGERSOLL AVE DES MOINES, IOWA 50312 | 515-279-8818

136 SOUTH DUBUQUE ST IOWA CITY, IOWA 52240 | 515-321-8017